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Bespoke, custom designed web design projects for businesses and organisations in Sussex and the UK portfolio enquiries

SGP produce custom, bespoke web design projects

Website visitors spend an average of just 7 seconds on a web page before deciding whether to stay or not. SGP Web Design produces modern, clean, clear and stylish websites to give the greatest visual impact in these 7 seconds to turn visitors into customers and clients.

When you’re on a company's website you would expect to find clear and concise information on the services offered, contact details and prices. We make sure that our sites are designed to be easy to navigate as well as easy on the eye.

All our websites are designed from scratch. We do not use templates, therefore your new website will be completely unique. We use the latest technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript to make your web site stand out.

SGP Web Design undertake website redesign projects

Website redesign accounts for around 50% of the enquiries we receive; more often than not from businesses who have invested in a website, but are disappointed at the amount of sales, leads or enquiries it generates. If your website performance is poor and your website isn't giving you the best return on investment it will always be seen as an expense and never an investment.

The 'quick fix' solution (and often wrong assumption) that many web design firms make is to increase sales you need to increase marketing. The reality for our website redesign clients is you can often increase turnover without driving a single extra visitor to the website by increasing the website conversion rate by making your current site more attractive, clearer and easier to navigate. A web user has lots of opportunity to shop around therefore you need to ensure your website is optimised for maximum conversions.

At SGP we can deliver you a website with a content management system

Our Content Management System (CMS) provides website authoring, collaboration and administration tools to allow our clients to manage and update their website with minimal technical knowledge.

We design and develop websites that work with our easy to learn and simple to use browser-based CMS and provide clients with training in the form of a user manual and individualised training videos or, if required, 1-to-1 tuition.

Because of the extra time involved in building the site to work with the CMS and providing the training, there is a higher initial cost than having a site built without a CMS and requesting us to do the changes for a fee, but in the long run, it will save money, as well as giving you control over content and updates.

Email marketing to drive visitors to your website

Email marketing campaigns are one of the surest, simplest, and most cost effective ways to attract new customers and reinforce relationships with your existing client base. Our email marketing service is a highly effective method of targeting your existing clients or reaching new ones. We create and send professional email newsletters and mailshots to your subscribers with calls to action to encourage them to visit your website or specific promotional offers on your site to maximise your return.

We also provide you with detailed statistical analysis that shows, using easy to follow pie charts and graphs, vital mailer information, such as how many people received your email, who opened it and most importantly who clicked through to your website as a result of receiving the email.

Website maintenance and update contracts are available

Whilst we can deploy a CMS with any of our websites to allow you to maintain your site, we often find that many small businesses don't have sufficient staffing or time to allocate someone to learn and then be responsible for editing and updating the company website.

We therefore offer all of our clients the option of contracting us to undertake site updates and amendments on their behalf. For many small businesses with a brochure site that does not undergo frequent updates this is a cost and time effective solution to maintaining their company website.

We offer both monthly contracts and a 'pay as you go' service for undertaking website maintenance and updates at very reasonable rates.

SGP Web Design offers domain registration services

We recommend that you register your company name before someone else does. When choosing a domain name you should select either your company name or something memorable related to your business.

If you require domain name registration we will register your name as part of any web design package or as a separate service.

Important: Domain names are registered in YOUR (or your business) name. This is a very important factor which many other web design companies overlook. We believe that you or your business should be the registered owner of your domains, so that your web design company cannot hold you to ransom over releasing your domain if you choose to end your business relationship.